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Beth Logan:HARO and Non-fiction Writers

All self-published authors and even many authors with publishers struggle with marketing. For non-fiction authors, HARO is a good resource. Help A Reporter Out (HARO) is a website where reporters can ask experts to provide information and quotes for articles, blogs, podcasts, and other media.  This is a great opportunity for authors to get publicity on their names and often their book titles. Responding to the reporter’s questions with good, quotable information usually results in your name being included in the article. While having your book title mention is less common, reporters for on-line media will often link your name to your website or book. Getting press for your name can result in requests for presentations. I’ve even had blogger ask me to guest blog on his site. This is free access to his entire audience. All I did was write about 800 words.  Reporters are usually on a tight deadline which results in the request for a response in one to three days. If you miss the deadline, the system will kick your response back to you. It is important that you provide useful information and do not just promote your book.  Let’s say the reporter asks “What should divorcing couples know about tax reform?” Never answer “Read my book.” Instead, you mention that you have expertise in this area and have even written a book. Then you provide the information, such as, “The IRS is increasing their enforcement of fraudulent claims for head of household (HOH). Many divorcing couples do not understand the rules of HOH and may mistakenly claim it.” Make sure your comments are complete but not overly wordy. Include your name, website, book title, professional credentials, and contact information in every response.  Always provide a way for the reporter to contact you — email and phone. It doesn’t happen often, but when it does, you are almost certain to be quoted.  I’ve also used HARO to promote others. I let them know that I provided information to a reporter about their book or business.  Often, they have promoted my book in return, either through HARO or their own website. Marketing is all about reaching a larger audience.  You can sign up for the trice daily emails at: It’s a great way to get your name to the public. Reporters may also return to good sources in the future. 


Beth Logan, is an Enrolled Agent which is a federally licensed tax professional. When she isn’t preparing taxes or representing clients before the IRS, she teaches tax classes and writes. She is a published author. Her most recent book is:

Divorce and Taxes After Tax Reform, by Beth Logan, EA, offers answers to these issues and other advice to avoid financial and tax issues during and after divorce. Your divorce attorney should be working with your tax professional (Enrolled Agents are excellent tax pros) to help you land in the best post-divorce financial position. For more information on the book, go to

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